Martingale calculator

Successive bets calculator: build your own martingale

A martingale is a global strategy of successive wagers.
In a martingale, we are looking for to adapt the stake to each bet in order, in general, to reimburse previous losses and to be able to generate a net profit in the end.
It is therefore a question of knowing how to adapt your bets gradually, until the final victory (which comes certainly in a martingale).
Here is a simulator / calculator which automatically calculates successive bets in order to systematically ensure a given net profit. Loss probabilities are also successively computed so as to estimate the real interest of pursuing such a mathematical stacking plan.

The following calculator is a fixed net profit martingale simulator. It calculates the successive wagers, after each possible loss, in order to ensure the fixed givent profit.
As the major drawback of a martingale lies in the rapid increase in stakes after each loss, this calculator enable one to anticipate and control this increase.
You can request details of the calculations to be displayed, which make it possible to verify the calculations and that the net profit will indeed be secured. Additionally, among these details is the cumulative probability of consecutive loss up to the current bet.
With this calculator, one can comparatively evaluate the evolution of bets and risks in the martingale and build confindently his own martingale.

Martingale calculator

How the Martingale Simulator Works

This simulator automatically calculates the successive bets to bet in order to definitely win the net profit given.
First fill in this desired net profit. Then, fill in the successive odds of for each bet, and possibly add as many round as desired by clicking on the "Add a new bet" button.
Depending on the given odds, the exact stake to be entered for the current bet is automatically calculated in order to both refund the losses of previous games and ensure the desired net profit.
Finally, by checking the box "Show mathematical calculation details and probabilities" the details of the bet calculations are displayed as well as, quite importantly, the probability of loss of all bets so far. This probability is particularly important because it will allow one to reasonably size the martingale with bets at odds that will not cause the martingale to drag on forever (which we know constitutes the major risk).
The total bet committed to the martingale, the sum of all previous bets, is also calculated and displayed.

Manually calculate the bets for a martingale, according to the odds: math !

For example, we aim at earning a 10 euros net profit for which we use a martingale mathematical strategy.

Interest in the martingale simulator

This martingale calculator / simulator allows you to predict, and therefore control, the bets in your martingale so that they do not become too huge, which could force you to stop the martingale with the most unfortunate consequence of having lost the whole stakes invested so far.
As we can freely enter the odds and then observe the resulting necessary bets, we can also use this tool to more simply choose the next bet which will follow in a started martingale. Indeed, in a martingale only the odds are importants, nevermind actually the outcome chosen.

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