Sports betting calculators

Betting odds calculator

The betting odds calculator allows you to input your stake & odds (American, Decimal, or Fractional formats) to quickly calculate the payout for your bets.

Betting simulator

A calculator that simulates a set of bets. Betting strategies can be tested freely there.

Kelly calculator

How much to bet? here's a good question.
Depending on your bankroll, your estimate of the probability of winning and the odds offered by your bookmaker, it's not so simple to give an actual value..
The Kelly criterion is a mathematic formula that answers this question exactly and definitively. Kelly calculator easily and automatically calculates the optimal fraction of your bankroll for betting.

Parlay calculator

Also accumulator calculator, or multiple calculator.
The parlay calculator allows you to input the odds for each bet accumulated in your parlay and easily and quickly calculate the payout of your bet as well as the probability of winning.

Surebet calculator

Detect surebet opportunities with the surebet calculator.
You input the two odds for each outcome and the surebet calculator detects automatically if this is a surebet configuration and, if so, computes mathematical optimum distribution of bets

3-way Surebet calculator 1x2

Detect surebet opportunities in 3-way sports betting with the surebet calculator.
You input the three odds for each outcome and the surebet calculator detects automatically if this is a surebet configuration and, if so, computes mathematical optimum distribution of bets as well as the ROI.

Refunded if, or Draw no bet, calculator

Draw no bet means you wager on one team to win a match, but your stake is refunded if it ends in a draw.
You can exchange win and draw with any outcome, and you get the Refunded If strategy.
The Refunded If calculator allows you to input the two odds of the two outcomes: one with which you wanted to win while with the other, as insurance, you get your stake back, refunded.

Double chance calculator

A double chance bet is when you bet on two of the possible outcomes; Of course it is not just about betting twice, regardless.
With the Double Chance calculator you enter both odds and it calculates the optimum distribution of stakes on each outcome.

Dutching calculator

Dutching is a mathematical betting technique which consists of distributing an overall stake over several events in order to ensure a constant fixed gain whatever the prediction which will be the winner.
Strategic wagers can thus be made on every bet, altogether, increasing chances of making a profit.
With the the Dutching calculator, the exact distribution of bets according to the odds of each event is simply computed.

Trixie calculator

A trixie bet is a multiple bet which includes three doubles (two selections combined) and one treble (all three selections combined). The trixie bet strategy is reputed because the payouts can then be huge, while minimizing the risks.
In the Trixie calculator, you input the odds of the three events, and it calculates the correct distribution of bets, as well as the payout and probability of winning.


In a martingale strategy, it's essential to place the right bet amount, depending on previous bets and on current odds. The martingale calculator automatically calculates these correct bet amounts for you.

Paroli calculator

The Paroli system is a particular martingale, in which only the winnings accumulated in previous bets are next wager.
The Paroli calculator quickly calculates the final payout depending on the number of successive bets and odds.

Money Race calculator

A money race is a mathematical betting strategy which combines a certain number of successive sports bets, and in which the gain from a winning bet is directly reinvested in the next bet.
The money race calculator let you input your initial stake, the odds and number of bets in the race and calculates the successive payouts.

System 2 of 3

The 2 of 3 system is a math strategy that increases the probability of winning, simply by betting not only on a single outcome but two outcomes out of three.
The 2 of 3 system calculator allows you to input the three odds, and the total stake you want to place, and then calculate the final payout and overall odds.

Bankroll evolution calculator

The bankroll evolution calculator allows you to input your monthly investment, the ROC you of your overall betting strategy, and calculates your bankroll evolution, month after month.
Useful for preparing your investment plan.