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Trixie betting strategy

Trixie explained and online automatic calculator

In a trixie bet strategy the payouts can be huge, while minimizing the risks. The trixie is thus a very appreciable compromise high profit / low risk.
A trixie bet is a multiple bet which includes three doubles (two selections combined) and one treble (all three selections combined). The treble yields a high potential profit thanks to a combined odds (multiplication of odds), while the three double bets are securing and minimizing chance of loss (same idea as in the Refunded if, or Draw no bet strategy).
In a combination bet, like a treble, only a single mistake and all is lost. With a trixie on the opposite, even in the event of an error, the secondary double bets take over while still providing a gain.
Finally, a trixie bet is a kind of treble bet along with a Refunded if strategy securing it, in case an error is made on all three pronostics.

As with the other strategies and formulas, Refunded if and double chance, it can be advantageous to be able to set up your own trixie bet in order to

Trixie calculator

Fill in the odds for the three different events and the four chosen bets. In the following table, the different winnings are automatically calculated with their probability . Net profits are calculated and displayed (thus a lossis therefore displayed as a negative gain).


c1 =

c2 =

c3 =
Stakes distribution

mt =
m12 =
m13 =
m23 =

Gain trixie
Defeat 1
Defeat 2
Defeat 3
2 or 3 bets loss

How the trixie simulator works

The trixie odds and stakes calculator and simulator is a very simple tool and easy to use: you just need to fill in the odds of the 3 chosen matches and the stakes of the 4 multiple bets: the treble bet, and the 3 double bets.
Winnings are then automatically calculated and updated, based on all possible outcomes. The probabilities of each win complete the winnings table, which are essential elements for decision-making and the search for the best stakes to wager.

Mathematically and manually calculate stakes for a trixie bet: example

We take as an example the default values ​​of the trixie calculator at the top of this page: with 3 matches with respective odds 1.5, 1.8 and 1.9, and a total stake of 20 euros which I divide equitably between each of the 4 combinations, i.e. 5 euros on the treble bet and 5 euros on each double bet.

A remarkable trixie: the trixie with all odds of 2

The trixie calculator on this page makes it easy to test many odds and bets strategies. It therefore allows, among other things, to search for optimal configurations: profits vs. probabilities.

For instance, a very remarkable situation (among many others) for a trixie: betting identical stakes (5 euros for example) in trixie on 3 matches with odds of 2.
For a trixie with evenly distributed bets and all odds of 2:

Increasing the bookmaker's odds

Some websites and bookmakers offer trixies betting. As usual, nothing is free... and bookmakers can take advantage of this opportunity to undervalue the overall odds obtained and increase there their margin a little more. Thus, the bookmaker takes a margin on all odds and an additional margin in these ready-made "Refunded if" offers.
So many reasons to do the calculations by yourself, by hand or with the above calculator on this page, and avoid this last discount. In addition, with the tool, you can test the effects of different bet distributions and choose the one that seems the most interesting.

Pros and Cons of Placing a Trixie Bet

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