Surebet calculator

Optimum stakes for 3-ways surebets

Surebet referes to betting opportunities which guarantee a profit regardless to the final outcome of the event.
On the other hand, not every event is necessarily in a surebet situation, of course. Moreover, even in such a situation, some mathematical calculations are required to know the correct stakes for each outcome of the surebet.
Following online calculator do automatically all of this calculations and, in addition, calculates the optimal stakes for optimal profit as well as the ROI (for Return On nvestment).

Surebet Calculator 1x2

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Mathematical calculations to detect a surebet situation

For sport events with three outcomes, often denoted as 1x2 (for home win/draw result/away win, or victory/draw/defeat), the now well-known mathematical rule is the following (see all mathematical details and other calculations on this page ):
1/cv + 1/cn + 1/cd < 1
This mathematical formula is not so easy to handle in your head, so the calculator on top of this page automatically calculates this formula, and also the optimal stake distribution between each outcome.

How the three-way surebet calculator works

The 3-way surebet calculator is a quick and extremely easy to use calculator: just enter odds to know if surebet opportunities exist, then all other cells containing stakes are calculated and updated automatically.
This calculator makes it possible to easily simulate several situations, and then in particular choose and adapt your bets strategy for an optimal situation.

3-way surebet calculation: an example (math calculations)

We can simply calculate and determine if the configuration is that of a surebet or not, and then calculate the optimal stake distribution. For example (default values ​​of the above calculator), with odds: We then compute (or the calculator do it for us) the surebet mathematical formula
1/1,8 + 1/4,2 + 1/5,5 ≃ 0,97 < 1
which shows small surebet opportunities (around 3% free margin).
The calculator then computes the optimal bets, yielding an optimal profit whatever the outcome of the match, for a total bet of 100 euros: I thus have a mathematically guaranteed gain regardless of the result of 102,5€ that is a 2,5€ net profit, or a 2,5% efficiency.

Where to find surebets

Crazy question?? A bit yes, apparently... because a surebet situation corresponds to a situation in which you win for sure. A surebet results in practice from an error by a bookmaker (who will definitely lose) or from the estimation of the different bookmakers incorrectly agreed, which would still be an error on their part. These errors are, it seems quite clearly, rare just as surely as the bookmakers in question do not go bankrupt and continue to make a living from their profession.
Not such a crazy question in reality because if the surebet situation does not arise "naturally", we can make it appear, for example in a "2 of 3 system": let's imagine the situation
Victory Draw Defeat
2.45 3.40 2.40
You can calculate or enter these odds in the calculator at the top: there is no surebet. On the other hand, if I only consider the Win/Draw results, there is surebet using this calculator to ensure this or by calculation:
1/2.45 + 1/3.40 ≃ 0.7 < 1
and I win by betting twice on the same event: the victory and the draw: I thus remove the fear of the hard blow of the snatched draw by transforming it into a victory for me! Betting in this case both on the victory and on the draw is a strategy (also called "Draw no bet") which is mathematically much more likely to be a winner: no global surebet here, but we still use the surebet technique more locally.
This type of technique is called securing a sports bet, and illustrates the benefit of mastering the mathematics of surebet.
For full details on this latest sports betting method, see the "2 of 3 system" page or the "Refunded if" method.
Many other mathematical betting strategies and formulas for sports betting exist.

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