Surebet calculator

Optimum stakes for 2-ways surebets

Surebet referes to betting opportunities which guarantee a profit regardless to the final outcome of the event.
On the other hand, not every event is necessarily in a surebet situation, of course. Moreover, even in such a situation, some mathematical calculations are required to know the correct stakes for each outcome of the surebet.
Following online calculator do automatically all of this calculations and, in addition, calculates the optimal stakes for optimal profit as well as the ROI (for Return On nvestment).

Surebet calculator

odds cv =

odds cd =

mt =
mv =
md =

Net profit thus guaranteed:
Entered odds makes surebet with profit: ROI =

Mathematical calculations to detect a surebet situation

For two-way events, victory/defeat or over/under, the well-known characteristic mathematical rule is as follows (see all the mathematical details and other calculations on this page):
1/cv + 1/cd < 1

This mathematical formula is not easy to apply straight away, and the preceding calculator do automatically all computations, also yielding optimal stakes for optimal profit regardless to the final outcome of the event.
A simplify mathematic formula is:
tv × td > 1

where tv and td are net odds (if odds of cv = 1,82 then net odds are tv = 0,82).
This last formula is much simpler to handle, requiring only a single multiplication.

The above calculator automaticcaly detects wether or not there are surebet opportunities and, if so, also yields the optimal distribution of stakes.

Surebet calculation: an example (math calculations)

During a tennis match, I found at two bookmakers that a player has a high chance of winning with following odds: We calculate here with our simplified formula 0.3×4 = 1.2 >1 which shows that we are therefore in a surebet configuration ! Optimal stakes remain to be calculated: above calculator on this page calculates the values ​​automatically.

How the surebet calculator works

The surebet calculator is a quick and extremely easy to use calculator: just enter odds to know if surebet opportunities exist, then all the other cells containing stakes are calculated and updated automatically.

Double chance bet with the surebet calculator

Surebets are rare! read the disadvantages of surebets. However, all this is indeed useful.
To understand, learn and progress in the world of risky betting.
To adapt and implement your own betting methods and strategies.
The "double chance" betting strategy is a good example. We generally bet on one outcome. "Double chance" (or "Double win") consists of betting on two different outcomes in such a way as to significantly increase your chances of winning.
For example, in a match with a clear favorite but a non-negligible probability of a draw, with the odds There is no surebet here (use the 3-way surebet simulator 1x2 to check).
However, if we only look at the two results: victory and draw, yes, here is a surebet configuration!
The calculator at the top of this page then calculates the corresponding bets for a total bet of 100 euros: I thus have a double chance of winning, in the event of a victory and a draw. I limit my losses even more, in return for a smaller gain in the event of a victory (but much more frequent!): this is what we call securing a sports bet.

Increase the bookmaker's double chance odds

Some sites and bookmakers already offer bets with the "double chance" option. Nothing is free... and in general bookmakers take advantage of this opportunity to undervalue the overall odds obtained and increase their margin a little (more) on the bet in question. Thus, the bookmaker takes a margin on all odds and an additional margin in this ready-made "double chance" offer.
So many reasons to do these few math calculations yourself, by hand or with the calculator on this page , and avoid this last discount.

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