Double chance strategy

A double chance bet is when you bet on two of the possible outcomes (usually two out of three, in a soccer bet). You get the winnings probability obviously increased. For example, in a soccer match, you bet both on win and draw: if your team wins, you win, and if the game ends in a draw, you also win !

Bookmakers usually offer a double chance betting possibility.
Whether offered by the bookmaker or made manually by the punter, the " double chance " bet is an appreciable formula, which very clearly and mathematically increases the probability of winning by allowing you to bet on two results at the same time.
However, it is not a question of simply betting twice, independently and without thinking too much about it. A preliminary calculation shows the interest (or not!) of betting using a double chance strategy and above all what are the stakes for a optimal gain.

Double Chance Calculator

Just fill in two odds on which you want to bet (for example for win and draw). The simulator automatically calculates the distribution of the bet on these two odds to ensure the same optimal gain regardless of which of the two outcomes actually happened.

c1 =

c2 =
Distribution of stakes
mt =
m1 =
m2 =

Net profit assured with these odds and stakes:
Odds obtained: =

In which cases to make a double chance bet ?

A double chance bet is an ideal choice if you have serious doubt about the outcome of a match. For example, we have quite high confidence in a team: they cannot lose ! on the other hand, that the other team manages to snatch a draw would certainly be surprising, but also not so improbable...
You can then mathematically secure your sports bet in two very effective ways: The Double Chance simulator on this page will then be a valuable (and free !) tool for detecting interesting situations and automatically calculating the corresponding optimal bets.

How the Double Chance simulator works ?

The Double Chance odds and stakes simulator above is a very simple tool, and completely free: you just have to fill in desired odds and stakes, and all the other cells are calculated and updated automatically.
The simulator takes care of the mathematical calculations and calculates, for example, once the two odds and the total stake that you wish to bet have been entered, the distribution of the stakes on the two odds to follow.
You can also modify only a particular bet and see how the winnings evolve.

An example: mathematically calculating the stakes of a double chance bet

For example, in a match with an obvious favorite but also non-negligible probability of a draw: There is no surebet here (use the 3-way surebet simulator 1x2 to check).
However, if we only look at the two results: victory and draw, yes, we are in a surebet configuration! (use this time the two-way calculator with the two odds 1.7 and 3.5)
The calculator at the top of this page then calculates the corresponding distribution of bets for a total wager of 100 euros: I thus have a double chance of winning, in the event of a victory and a draw. I limit my losses even more, with a smaller gain in the event of a victory (but much more frequent, because the draw has also become a victory for me!): I have secured my sports bet.

Mathematical calculations to detect advantageous double chance

By betting on any two outcomes, you can end up losing every time. One must therefore be careful and a few mathematical calculations are required to be sure of the method and the result.
The double chance formulas offered by bookmakers (when they do) do not fall into this pitfall, it will simply be a scam to offer a losing bet every time... In return, the bookmakers charge an additional margin on this type of ready-made formula and thus improve their commission. You might as well save a few precious tenths on the odds offered by calculating and optimizing the situation yourself.
Especially since it is a must for any bettor who wants to master his field: that is nothing but reusing knowledge and well-known formulas on surebet.
We saw that to be a winner by betting on two outcomes with odds of c1 and c1, you must ensure that
1/c1 + 1/c2 < 1

and after some mathematical and algebraic calculations we arrived at the simplified formula:
t1 × t2 > 1

where t1 and t2 are net odds (if odds of c1 = 1,3, then net odds are of t1 = 0,30).
This formula is much simpler to use, because there is a simple multiplication to calculate.

The calculator above automatically determine if by betting twice, "double chance", the situation is advantageous and also automatically calculating the optimal distribution of bets.

Increase the bookmaker's double chance odds

Some bookmakers already offer bets with the “double chance” option. Nothing is free... and in general bookmakers take there advantage of this opportunity to undervalue the overall odds obtained and increase their margin a little (more) on the bet in question. Thus, the bookmaker takes a margin on all odds and an additional margin in this ready-made “double chance” offer.
So many reasons to do the calculations yourself, by hand or with the calculator on this page, and avoid this last drop of odds and, consequently, of profits.

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