Mathematical betting strategies and formula in sports betting

A bet is by definition risky: you bet and you can lose your stake or win a gain proportional to the stake. We are here talking about a single bet here .
If sports betting is not only based on chance, there is also knowledge of the sport, the histories of players and teams, etc., chance still remains preponderant.
To adapt your predictions with randomness part, multiple strategies are possible, by not necessarily betting a single and simple bet, but multiple bets: by combining bets, by grouping them, or even by betting on different outcomes of the same event.
We can thus seek to play on the risk taken to obtain much more advantageous odds (combined bets) or on the contrary drastically reduce the risk by reducing the probability of loss: that is to say to secure your sports bets.
This page provides a list and overview of these mathematical betting strategies. Each page linked contains furthermore details and explanation of operation and mathematical calculations.

Multiple - also Parlay or accumulator - betting strategy

Want the chance to win big money with a small bet ?
Accumulator - also referred to as Parlay or multiple - is made when a bettor makes two or more bets and combines them into one wager. This strategy is designed to give the chance to win big payouts from a relatively small bet but, in return, is more risky.
To win with this bet type, the gambler must win every small bet combined, or accumulated.

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Double chance strategy

The double chance bet is a betting formula that balances the risk taken and the expected gain.
In this kind of betting strategy, you actually bet twice, on two different outcomes of the same event. For example, you bet on both the victory of your team and a possible draw. If your team wins, you win, but the draw snatched by the opposing team is no longer a blow by chance: it is also a gain for the bettor !
Of course, for this to work, it's not a matter of placing just any bets on both outcomes. A bet calculator is welcome like the one also available via the following link.

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Draw no bet strategy, or "refunded if"

Draw no bet means you wager on one team to win a match, but you also bet on the draw so your stake will be refunded if it ends in a draw.
You can exchange win and draw with any outcomes, and you get the Refunded If strategy.
The Refunded If bet strategy is a method which allows you to secure a bet: as for the "double chance bet" you bet on two outcomes of the same event: one of the bets allows you to earn a profit while the 2nd secures your bet and you get your stack back if it occurs: no risk then!
Of course for this to work, both bets must be calculated exactly according to the odds of each outcome. An automatic calculator of these bets is also available.

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Dutching is a mathematical betting technique which consists of distributing an overall stake over several events in order to ensure a constant fixed gain whatever the prediction which will be the winner.
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Trixie bets are a betting strategy that increase your returns from sports betting.
Trixie betting is a bit more tricky than other simple and accumulator bets. You place four bets which cover three selections: three double and a treble. , two of them have to come in for you to win any money. If you accurately pick three winners, the bet’s treble component can significantly boost your returns.
If you have identified three viable winning selections, a Trixie bet is then a smart way to maximise your returns through doubles and trebles.
As always, it is not a question of betting just any bet amounts. In addition to the mathematical details and calculations, a trixie calculator is also available.

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Triple double bet

A double bet is the simplest forms of a multiple that a punter can place. It's simple and can pay off big. On the other hand, it is risky...
Like a "double chance", or rather a "triple chance", the "triple double" betting strategy suggests placing three double bets on three events. A big potential gain, and still a gain even if you make a mistake.
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Math tip to secure multi bets

Combined bets, although very attractive due to the high odds they provide, are very risky, and even not recommended as they are.
However, it is possible to secure such a bet, like a "Refunded if", by placing an other bet.

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2 of 3 system: a double win strategy

The 2 of 3 system is a math strategy that increases the probability of winning, simply by betting not only on a single outcome but two outcomes out of three, hence its name of course. The probability of winning is therefore increased and bad luck is avoided a little more.
It is not just a question of betting twice. Correct bet amounts are require, which can be computed mathematically.

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2 of 3 system: bookmaker variant

The 2 of 3 system reduces the chances of loss. Here is a variation with which we also seek to increase winnings by using such a system.
This is achieved by putting bookmakers in competition.

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A martingale is a betting strategy upon several consecutive moves, taking each time into account the previous results. Matingales are a kind of staking plan. The main goal is of course to increase its (chances of) gain. The ultimate goal is to win every time.
The martingale betting system is one of the most controversial staking plans. Here you can find all détails and mathematical calculations, and even a calculator to build your own martingale.
It's up to you to form your own opinion on martingales.

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Paroli (martingale)

The Paroli system is a particular martingale, in which only the winnings accumulated in previous bets are next wager.
Following a Paroli martingale strategy, we absolutely do not touch our starting stake, and we lose nothing of our initial bankroll. Thus, no loss to fear, even in the event of defeat in any round.

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Money race

A money race is a mathematical betting strategy which combines a certain number of successive sports bets, and in which the gain from a winning bet is directly reinvested in the next bet.
The aim is quite simple: to mathematically multiply the odds together as well as the winnings, thus building a (very) high potential betting strategy.

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Using an Elo rating system

The Elo ranking system is a system for evaluating the relative level of players, which is also a complete mathematical model. In particular, from the Elo ranking, the probability of victory of each opponent is calculated simply and directly. A tool of essential interest for any bettor!
Elo rating system in sports betting

A complete guide: from statistics to bet amounts

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