Triple double bet

What is a triple double bet

Various betting strategies can be used to try to increase your winnings and reduce your chances of losing.
Double bets, simplest forms of multiple bets, are among the simplest: two bets are combined together into one. The odds of a double bet is greater than for if you were to place two single bets. On the other hand, this bet is riskier because you must win both bets to win: a single mistake and all is lost.
Like a double chance strategy we will see that we can secure a double bet by betting several.

More precisely, out of three events on which we can bet, we will place three double bets.

Triple double calculator

Fill in the odds of the three events and the total bet to be distributed, or any bet: the other bets are calculated and updated automatically. In the following table, the different net gains are automatically calculated with their probability. The simulated gains displayed are net gains (a negative gain is therefore a loss)


c1 =

c2 =

c3 =
Distribution of stakes

mt =
m12 =
m13 =
m23 =

Win 1, 2 & 3
Defeat 1
Defeat 2
Defeat 3
Defeat of 2 or 3 bet

How the triple double calculator works

The triple double odds and bets calculator is a very simple tool: simply enter the odds of the 3 chosen events and a bet, the total bet or a bet on one of the doubles. The other bets are then calculated automatically.
Winnings are calculated automatically, based on all possible outcomes.
The probabilities of each payout complete the winnings table, essential elements for decision-making and the search for the best bets.

Example of mathematical calculation

With the default values ​​of the calculator, the odds of c1 = 1.8, c2 = 1.9, and c3 = 2, we bet a total of €20. The calculator then calculates and yields the three double bets to bet: and so,

At what odds is a triple double bet advantageous?

A triple double bet works a bit like a trixie: if all bets are won the gain is significant, but if a mistake is made you can lose.
However, and as with a double chance bet, we can be interested in the odds which allow us to always be a winner.
Let's assume that the odds of the 3 events are equal. We note c this odds.
Let us also assume that we bet the same amount m for each double bet. We therefore bet a total of 3m on our three double bets .
In the event of three victories, we are clearly a winner.
In the event of a mistake, only one double bet wins. The net gain it brings is
G = mc2 − 3m = mc(c2 − 3)
We therefore remain a winner even in the event of an error, when this net gain is positive, i.e.
m2>3 ⇔ m>√3 ≃ 1.732
So, for odds of at least around 1.8, the triple double betting strategy still wins in the event of one mistake out of all three.
Try in the calculator with three odds equal to 1.732: a big gain for the 3 simultaneous victories, and no loss in case of an error on all three.
For odds greater than 1.8, even in the event of an error, we still win.
Odds from 1.8 are therefore mathematically a good choice to use this effective triple double betting strategy.

Advantages and drawbacks of a triple double bet

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