Money race betting strategy

A mathematical betting strategy to increase your winnings

A money race is a mathematical betting strategy which combines a certain number of successive sports bets, and in which the gain from a winning bet is directly reinvested in the next bet.
A total desired winning amount is decided in advance which, once reached, ends the race.
The aim is quite simple: to mathematically multiply the odds together as well as the winnings, thus building a (very) high potential betting strategy.
How does it work and what are the gains, risks and advantages ?
Details and math calculations of the method as well as an automatic calculator follow on this page…

How a Money Race works

A money race is a betting strategy, based on some math calculations, that can be used with any type of bet, including sports betting but not only.
In this method of betting, you make successive bets, continuing as long as you win and you have not reached a desired goal (which it is essential to set in advance and then respect).
We therefore wager an initial stake; in the event of a win, we reinvest the profit in a new bet, then the new profit in a 3rd, etc.
With this method, the winnings accumulate and themselves participate directly into the next win. The gains thus increase exponentially.

Math calculations of a money race: an example

For example, I bet 10 euros with odds of 1.2. I then earn 10×1.2 = 12 euros.
I then wager these 12 euros in a 2nd bet with odds 1.2. I then earn 12×1.2 = 14.4 euros.
Thirdly I then bet these 14.4 euros, ...

Of course, the odds do not necessarily have to be the equal from one bet to another.
The following simulator calculates automatically, on as many successive sports bets as desired.

Money race calculator

In the following calculator, you can have fun entering the odds of the successive events on which you want to bet, the number of events in the money race and finally the starting bet.
The successive gains are calculated and updated automatically, and you can therefore get an immediate idea of ​​the benefit (or not) of using such a strategy.

Bet number  Total gain

Examples of calculations (maths)

To fully understand how it works, two examples of mathematical calculations of sports betting series, for which the above calculator can directly and automatically give the following result.
With a starting stake of 20 euros, odds for each bet of 1.2.
Once 1st bet win I earn a total gain of 20×1.2 = 24 euros, which I fully reinvest in the 2nd which in turn brings me 24×1.2 = 28.8 euros, then in the 3rd bet 28.8×1.2 = 34.56 euros,…
With 5 successive bets and winnings, I therefore obtain the total winnings
20 × 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2 = 49.77
which amounts to an overall odds of approximately
c = 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2 × 1.2 ≃ 2.5

We have thus, with this strategy, used assured bets but with low odds, therefore low gain, to build a series of bets which also maintain a good probability but now a much more interesting overall rating.
The previous calculator simulates the money race method by doing all these math calculations automatically, playing freely with all the parameters. For example, we can quickly and simply predict the number of victories that must be chained together to reach a predefined gain.

Benefits and interests

In sports betting, some pronostics seem really, really safe. The drawback of these bets is that there is not much to gain... the odds are particularly low and therefore, ultimately, these bets are of little interest !
The money race is an iterative mathematical strategy that acts as a lever on these low odds. By betting successively on such events, the odds multiply between them, like for a parlay or accumulator bet. As we can see using the previous calculator, the winnings are quickly amplified, even with a small initial bet.
For example, with a starting stake of €20, and with fairly ensured bets with odds of 1.2, we exceed 100 euros in winnings after 9 bets.

Of course, a money race with higher odds can also be accelerated, resulting in remarkable winnings, but the risk of losing all winnings is significantly higher. To be tested with the previous simulator !

Money race Drawback

The major disadvantage is the same as for parlay or accumulator bets: the probabilities of winning also multiply between them, just like for the odds, and the chances of winning decrease when the number of bets increases.
For this reason mainly, the money race is a startegy particularly suited to bets at (very) low odds, and therefore also particularly ensured. The multiplication of the odds then makes the method quite interesting.

Money race vs. parlay (accumulator) bets

As we have seen, these two strategies are very comparable: we wager a certain number of times with the advantage that the odds multiply to give a strong and advantageous overall odds and the disadvantage that the probabilities also multiply and therefore that the chances losses also increase.
The calculations are the same in both cases: time does not interfere in the mathematical calculations, and it is strictly equivalent (in terms of bets and winnings) to bet in combination and accumulation on two events as to bet on one then to reinvest the gain from the 1st in the 2nd.
Time, on the other hand, is an interesting parameter for the bettor. The money race mathematically allows for example

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