Betting simulator

This simulator / calculator allows you to test a set of associated bets and their odds.
On a set of bets, we will win some and lose others, of course. But it is difficult to simply assess the potential, or not, of a set of bets: losing all of them will be very rare, as will winning all of them… and in practice, how many can you expect?
This is what the following simulator/calculator is intended for: you choose the total number of bets in you set, the stake on each and their odds, and you simply simulate in one click as many draws as you want. At each simulated draw, the overall gain is calculated.

The estimated probability is that which you think is real ( value bet or not...). In comparison, the implied probability corresponding to the odds is automatically calculated for each event (given by the reciprocal of the odds)

Betting grid simulator


Standard deviation:

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How the simulator works

You first fill in the number of bets we want to test.
Then, you fill in the stakes and odds of each bet. The "implied probability" value gives the probability of winning the bet, probability associated with the odds provided.
You can then enter a different probability for the calculation: it is the "estimated probability" or the predicted probability (according to your own information on the match, or a possible tipster, etc.).
A value bet corresponds exactly to an estimated probability greater than the probability theoretically given by the odds. We can notice that, if we use the theoretical implied probability (reciprocal of the odds), whatever the bets, the expectation of our betting grid is negative: zero in theory minus the bookmaker's margin. By default, the margin taken by the bookmaker is 5% (on average within 10% separated in two on winning and losing sides).

Betting strategies to test

This simulator allows you to test betting strategies for free and without risk.
For example, we can test a Miller betting method by only looking at sporting events with odds of around 1.8.

With this calculator, you can also concretely try Kelly's criterion and test to best size of your bets according to the odds and probabilities estimated personally.

This simulator only allows calculations for single bets. Many formulas and strategies for sports betting make it possible to increase your chances of winning, reduce the risks taken, or even increase potential winnings.