Betting odds calculator

This betting odds calculator quickly calculates the payout for your bets. Just fill in a your desired bet amount and odds in any format. Conversions to other formats are calculated automatically, also with the payout and net profit.
Probability of winning (or implied probability) is also automatically computed.

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Probability of winning
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Why use a betting calculator?

To easily and automatically calculate the expected payout of course.
But not only. This sports betting calculator above also calculate the implied probability of the outcome. If you find a bet where the implied probability of an outcome is lower than the true probability, then there you must place a bet: that's a bet which has good value, commonly called value bet.

What are differents odds formats?

There exists principally 3 main formats for expressing betting odds: decimal (European) odds, fractional (British) odds, and money line (American) odds.

What are American odds?

Defaut odds format at american sportsbook. They are based on winning $100 (or €100...) for a given bet.
Odds for favorites are preceded by a minus − sign and indicate the stake to win 100€ (or $100 ...). On the other hand, odds for the underdogs are preceded by a positive + sign and indicate the amount won for every 100€ staked.

What are Decimal odds?

Decimal odds (or "European" odds, also "continental" odds) are of course used in Europe. Decimal is the easier format to work with (especially in math calculations).
Using decimal format, total payout calculation is simply the bet times odds. For example, when I successfully bet €20 according to 1.8 odds, I would earn a total payout of 20 × 1.8 = €36.

Fractional Odds format

Fractional Odds are used principally in the UK and Ireland, and is not really worldwide used.
In fractional odds format, odds are then written as a fraction: 2 numbers separated with a slash (or sometimes a hyphen −), for example 5/1, ou 7/2 ou encore 3/10.
With a 5/1 odds, you win 5€ against every 1€ you wager and you get you 1€ back.

What is the bet amount?

The bet amount is how much you're risking on a given bet. It's important to have some rules about how much you should or not bet. Read more about bankroll management
An optimal amount can be calculated using famous Kelly criterion. Use the Kelly criterion calculator to automatically know this best bet amount.

How is payout calculated?

The payout is simply calculated by multiplying the bet amount and odds (in decimal or fractional format). Read more: Sports betting odds: how does it work ? What calculations ? and the fundamental article about Odds and probabilities.

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